CHP1 Steam cooling unit
DN 100 to 500, PN 25 to 100
CHP is a body that is put directly into the steam pipeline and subsequently serves for connection with either mechanical injection head VH or drive-steam injection head VHP. According to dimensions of the pipeline and necessary intensity of cooling, the body can be equipped with more inlets for connection of VH or VHP. CHP is supplied with flanges or with weld ends with connection flange 2 for connection of VH or VHP (max. temperature 350oC) or DN 80 (flange 1 DN 150 and higher) and dimensions according to customers requirements.

CHP serves as an in-between link into the steam pipeline into which it is possible to install injection head VH, VHP. It is designed especially for industrial applications such as lowpressure steam production in heating or the steam production for technological processes.

Process media
Application of CHP for other process media than water, water vapour, should be selected in respect to the kind of process medium that is in touch with the material of CHPand should be consulted with the producer.

Catalogue sheets
02-03.4 Steam cooling unit CHP GB, RUS