VHP1 Drive-steam injection head
DN 25 and 50, PN 25 to 100, Kvs 1,44 m3/h

VHP is a device designed to regulate the temperature of the steam. VHP is equipped with Laval nozzle which sprays the injection water with the aid of kinetic energy of drive steam expanding in the nozzle. The used design enables creating tiny spray drops even with the minimum flow rate of cooling water which mostly depends on a rangeability of control valve piped before the injection head.
VHP is supplied with flanged connection with connection flange of DN 80 to the steam pipeline. The other dimensions are subject to customer´s requirements and must be clarified in the purchase contract.

VHP serves for precise and economical temperature regulation by a direct installing of cooling water into steam flow. VHP is designed especially for industrial applications such as low-pressure steam production in heating, steam circuits in power plants or technological processes.

Process media
VHP is designed to inject cooling water without mechanical impurities. Application of VHP for other process media must be considered with regard to the used material that is in contact with medium and it is recommended to consult it with the producer.

Catalogue sheets
02-03.3 Drive-steam injection head VHP GB, RUS