filtry1 Strainers – flanged
DN 15 to 400, PN 16, 25 and 40, Kvs 5,7 to 2200 m3/h
Flanged strainers FP 110, 210, 220 are designed to clean process media from mechanical impurities. The strainers excel with a robust body construction made of stainless steel with possibility of draining without necessity of bonnet dismantling.Application
The strainers are designed for applications in heating and other industries especialy in hot-water, possibly steam circuits. The wide range of diametres enables using of these strainers in most of the common applications.

Process media
The valves are suitable for water, steam, air and other neutral media compatible with material of body and screen.

Catalogue sheets
01-09.5 Strainers – flanged FP 110, FP 210, FP 220 GB, RUS