G471 Control valves
DN 125 to 300, PN 125 to 500, Kvs 10 to 435 m3/h

The valve is piston type equipped with control cage, lever-actuated designed to be actuated with an electric actuator. The valve can also be assembled with linear actuators (G47 125 …).Its control cage is always designed according to the parametres specified in the order and according to the requested type of flow characteristic. The valves can be supplied with the following actuators of the following producer: ZPA Pečky – Modact MPS, Modact Control MPS and Modact Variant MPR. The connection stem between the valve lever and the actuator is not a subject of the delivery unless it is ordered.

The valve serves as a control, reduction or by-pass element with indirect actuating. The max. permissible operating pressures acc. to EN 12 516-1. The intention to use the valve for higher temperatures must be agreed upon with the producer. The control valve proper function depends on the sizing and execution of the control station, therefore the valve design and its specification is recommended to be carried out together with the producer.

Process media
The valves are designed to regulate the flow and pressure of liquids, possibly of vapours and gases e.g. water, steam and other media compatible with material of the valve inner parts. The valve max. differential pressure value is 1.5 MPa with respect to the pressure nominal and concrete conditions of operation (ratio p1/ p2, creation of cavitation, above critical flow etc.)

Catalogue sheets
02-05.3 Control valves series G 47 … GB, RUS