G931 Control avalves, starting
DN 150, PN 400, Kvs 190 m3/h

The valve is single-seated, angle, welding ends. Control mechanism with a multi-stage pressure reduction is made by special control cage with holes and cross section grooves and two plugs. Main piston plug, which is a part of  the valve stem, provides media flow control and ensures also a tightness when the valve is closed. Internal perforated plug reduces the pressure drop at stroke begins to prevent wear of sealing surfaces. Valve is equipped by a Chesterton stuffing box, type “Live Loading”. Valve is designed to be actuated with an electric rotating actuator ZPA Pečky, type Modact MO, eventually by Auma or Schiebel actuators.

The valves serves as a control valve applicable to where it is necessary to change the flow water pressure from its maximum value to minimum or vice versa. The max. operating pressures correspond to EN 12 516-1 see page 3 of this catalogue. The possible use for higher temperature must be agreed upon with the producer.

Process media

The valve is designed to control the flow and pressure of water and steam. The valve max. differential pressure is 20,0 MPa with respect to the concrete conditions of operation (ratio p1 / p2 , creation of cavitation, above critical flow etc.)

Catalogue sheets
02-05.5 Control valves, starting G 93 … GB, RUS