Control valves, shut-off valves and Fail-safe action valves

Control valves are the valves used to control flow and pressure of the passing medium. The three-way design are used for mixing or diverting of passing medium.
Shut-off valves are used to shut off pipelines under all normal operating and non-operating conditions. If equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators, its use is in automatic operation. Fail-safe action valves are control or shut-off valves equipped with actuators with safety function, which ensure closing of the valve upon power failure.
In the range of LDM valves occupy the mentioned valves largest amount of products. Available in pressure classes from PN 6 to PN 500, includes a range of nominal sizes DN 15 to DN 400. Execution of two-way valves can be direct or angle, possibly with an extended outlet socket. Three-way control valves are generally dimensionally symmetric.
The use of these valves is in the common applications in heating and cooling technology, over-demanding applications in the field of conventional and nuclear energy to the use of aggressive media in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Reducing valves

Reducing valves or regulators of output pressure are direct acting valves, used to maintain a constant pressure of medium on the outlet side of the valve. The whole process is ensured by maintaining the pressure balance on the membrane, in the event that media consumption is stopped, the valve is closed.
In the LDM’s production program are available such products designed in execution of  PN 16 and PN 25, the range of nominal diameters is limited to DN50.
Using of reducing valves is generally in the heating and industrial distribution of water and air.

Differential Pressure

Differential pressure regulators are self-acting valves used to maintain a constant pressure difference on the device. This is done by maintaining the pressure balance in the control head equipped with a membrane and its connected plug of the valve.
Company LDM offers these regulators in diameters from DN 15 to 50 and the pressure class PN 16 and PN 25. Can be equipped with flow limitation to limitation of maximum flow of the media through the system.
They are used primarily in cases of central heat supply, as balancing valves in locations with different dispositional pressures.

Manual shut-off valves

One of the easiest elements to the pipeline closing. Actuating by hand wheel determines the valves for applications with manual or semi-automatic mode, where the valves are used in non-operating conditions.
Assortment of shut-off valves LDM includes execution of valves in nominal sizes from DN 15 to DN 400, in pressure classes from PN 16 to PN 40.
Main use of these valves is in the heating and power generation applications, thanks to options in materials from stainless steel will also apply in the chemical and food industry.

Safety valves and accessories

Safety valves are automatic safety valves, used to protect pressure vessels from excessive internal pressure.
LDM’s safety valves with additional loading are sophisticated valves, which are in addition to the usual spring actuated by pneumatic cylinder. It provides fast and a precision response of valve after achieving of opening overpressure accompanied by opening a full stroke and the subsequent closure of valves after a slight decreasing of pressure.
As necessary accessories of safety valves are supplied the control unit of type RP5330 and RP5340, which are characterized by high reliability and accuracy, features even the hardest working conditions.
These safety valves are used exclusively for steam and gas media, their main use is in the power generation sector.

Special valves and accessories

The basic range of valves of the LDM company is accompanied by special pipe components and valves used in common power generation and technological processes. These include for example injection nozzles for cooling of the superheated steam supplied separately or together with the cooler.
For use in nuclear power generation are available special control valves and shut-off valves according to the relevant regulation to ensure the safe operation of nuclear facilities.
Assortment of extra valves are strainers, non-return valves and ball valves. Other accessories include a system of compact insulation of valves IKA.

Non-return valves

Non-return valves are automatic safety valves, ensuring the flow of media in the pipeline in the desired direction of flow. Characterized by a high tightness of closing, but cannot be used for closing or shut-down of the pipeline under pressure. In such cases there is necessary to use the shut-off valve.
Non-return LDM valves are suitable for all common non-aggressive liquid and gaseous media in the heating and industry applications.

Valves for nuclear power generation

Valves for nuclear power generation are based on standard valves for common power generation processes. In their design are taken into account the requirements specified in the rules for the design and manufacturing of valves used in nuclear power generation as VTP87, A.S.I. normative technical documentation etc. According to customer requirements these valves meet the conditions specified in the notices Nr.309/2005Sb. or Nr.132/2008Sb., or other relevant legislation.
Valves are used to closing of the flow and pressure of the passing medium. They are usually hand wheel equipped or with electric actuator. They are produced in both the weld and in the flange execution with connection according to relevant standards and customer requirements.