RDD1 Self-acting regulators of differential pressure
DN 15 to 50, PN 16, Kvs 2 to 20 m3/h

Self-acting control valves of differential pressure RD 102 D and RD 103 D are valves designed for keeping constant differential pressure or constant flow quantity (when orifice plate is used) at given device. Such function is ensured by diaphragm exposed to influence of inlet and outlet pressure of given device or throttling orifice plate. Diaphragm´s deflection transfers to valve plug and when pressure difference is increased, then valve closing is induced. Owing to pressure-balanced plug, value of differential pressure is not influenced by pressure ratios within valve.
Regulator can be equipped with manometers, from which it is possible to read actual values of inlet and outlet pressure and according to which required value of pressure difference can be adjusted (within range of used spring). Standard version is without manometers and regulator must be adjusted according to pressure values, possibly flow quantity values, measured directly at given device. In case when required value of differential pressure is within range of two spring ranges, it is more suitable to choose the range with lower values to ensure sensitivity of regulator. Connecting impulse pipes are supplied with valves as standard.

These valves have a wide range of application in heating, water industry, air-conditioning and ventilation for tmperature to 140°C and to max. inlet pressure value of 1 MPa. They can be installed in regulation circuits, where constant differential pressure or flow at device without energy supply must be secured.

Process media
Valves series RD 102 D, RD 103 D are designed for gases and liquids such as air, water, low-pressure steam (it applies to RD 102 only) and other media compatible with material of the valve inner parts (especially body, plug and diaphragm). This valve is not suitable for oil. Medium acidity and alkalinity should not exceed range of pH 4.5 to 9.5. To ensure long-term tightness of valve, producer recommends to pipe a strainer in front of the valve into pipeline.

Catalogue sheets

01-01.1 Self-acting regulators of differential pressure GB