Self-acting regulator
of differential pressure
DN 15 – 50, PN 25

Self-acting regulator of differential pressure series RD 122 D is designed to keep a constant differential pressure value of given appliance. Such a function is ensured by a diaphragm exposed to effects of inlet and outlet pressure of the appliance. Deflections of the diaphragm transfer to the valve plug and it closes the valve upon increase of differential pressure value.
Owing to a pressure-balanced plug, value of differentialpressure is not affected by pressure ratios within the valve. In case when required value of differential pressure is within
range of two spring ranges, it is more suitable to choose the range with lower values to ensure sensitivity of the regulator. Connecting impulse pipes for extraction of pressure from the
pipeline are within the scope of supply as standard.
Process media
Valves series RD 122 are suitable for process media such as water, air or low-pressure steam to 0,4 MPa. In addition, they are suitable for cooling mixtures and other non-aggressive
media and gases with temperature range +2 C to +150 C.Sealing surfaces of the trim are resistant to common sludge or water impurities. Yet it is recommended to pipe a strainer in
front of the valve to ensure a reliable function and tightness in case there are abrasive particles present in the process medium.
Basic operating position of regulator is when the body is aboveits controlling head that points downwards. The position must be kept especially when reducing steam pressure or when
temperature exceeds 90 C. For gases that have lower temperatures, the valve can be installed in any position.
These valves are designed for applications in common warm-water and hot-water heating circuits, refrigerating and air-conditioning with max. differential pressure of 1,6 MPa

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