prislIPV1 Control unit and remote signalization

Control Unit RP 5330Description

The control unit RP 5330 consists of a robust case to which all internal parts are fixed and whose case back has four holes with M 16 thread for fixing the control unit upon the wall or a stand. The case then serves only as a protection against mechanical damage, unauthorized operation and effects of environment (dust, humidity, etc.).
There are 3 couplings (pipes 32×6) at the lower parts of the case for connection of impulse pressure pipelines. The control unit is connected this way to 1 to 3 pressure extraction points and their values can vary from one another. At the upper part of the case, there is an inlet (thread M22x1.5, external), for controlling air, cable for feeding the magnetic valve (230V/50Hz) and two outlets for loading and 2 outlets for lifting air (thread M27x1.5, external). The air must be continuously supplied into the control unit. By connecting the appropriate connection cable and a button switch, it is possible to operate the control unit from a remote control room. That makes possible both connection to a computer of protected appliance and opening the safety valves from a remote operating place (check blow-through at operating pressure in protected appliance, etc.). To the outlets of loading and lifting air there are connected air cylinders of the safety valves.
The maximum ambient temperature is 60°C, for a short period of time the control unit can be operated with higher ambient temperature. In case of application in environment with temperatures below zero, we can equip the unit with a heater. Such installation should be consulted with the producer.
The control unit is adjusted and its function is tested on the opening pressure values specified in the order prior to despatch from the factory. The adjustement is secured against any unallowable interference.Application
The control unit RP 5330 serves to control the safety valves with additional loading type SiZ 1508, produced by LDM Česká Třebová, possibly of other types of safety valves controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. It is an undepriciated substitute for previous type of control SiZ 5320. We took the basic mechanical parts from the previous case by which we have kept unrivalled operating reliability and functional precision even under the most demanding operating conditions. Moreover the control unit RP 5330 offer to the users another important features such as possibility to adjust the control unit during the cut-off of operation of protected appliance without necessity for further modification in pressure impulse or adjusting the safety valves with the aid of the curve of behaviour of opening pressure on lifting air. (so-called adjusting with the aid of “K-linie”).

Remote signalization

The remote signalization, fixed upon the wall consists of microswitch and lever mechanism. It serves for control of activity of safety valves from the remote operation place where it signalizes positions “open” and “closed”. The sensitivity of the microswitch enables to register th stroke of the plug even from 0,5 – 1 mm. The remote signalization can operate in ambient temperature up to 600°C. It is delivered on a special request but the cable is never part of the delivery.
Catalogue sheets
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