RP5340 Control unit
Base of CU RP 5340 is steel frame, to which all equipment is fixed. Also, the CU anchor holes (4x M16) are bored into it. The CU case serves as cover/protection against CU misuse, damage and influence of environment (dust, humidity,…)
There are three pressure tapping line connections in the lover side of the unit (tube 36×2, steel 1.0570). Connection of pressure air (thread M22x1.5, male), connector with cable for solenoid valve control (230V/50Hz) and connections for lifting and loading air (thread M27x1,5, male) are placed on upper side of the unit.
Permissible ambient temperature for reliable CU operation is in range 0 to +60° C. Designs for temperatures below 0°C are offered as option (additional heating unit).
Prior dispatching, the CU is tested and set pressure is adjusted according the order. This setting is sealed. Weight of CU is 65 kgs approx.


Pneumatic control unit (next CU only) RP 5340 is designed for control of additional loading of full-lift spring loaded safety valves (next SV only) type SiZ 1508 and PV 1509, produced by LDM Česka Trebova Co.Ltd., eventually other types of SV equipped with air cylinder. The CU replaces still produced CU RP5330, the main improvement is lower pressure air consumption and more easy opening pressure setting.
CU RP 5340 retains all useful functions of previous type, as possibility to set opening pressure of CU not only during normal working condition of protected vessel but even in case of pressure vessel outage (without pressure inside it), to set opening pressure of SV during normal working condition by using relation between opening pressure and “Lifting” air pressure, to remote control of SV etc. One control unit can operate two safety valves.
Catalogue sheets
02-07.4 Control unit RP 5340     GB, RUS