RS5021 Steam conditioning station
Inlet: DN 50 to 150, PN 16 to 160
Outlet: DN 100 to 600, PN 16 to 100
Kvs 2,5 to 250 m3/h

Steam conditioning station RS 502 is single-seated control valve of a unit construction designed for water injection into the extended outlet. The pressure-balanced, multi-step throttling trim is designed to eliminate high differential pressures within the valve and ensure the low noisiness. It ensures a high resistance to wearing caused by medium flow and to effects of the expanding steam. Cooling water is injected into the extended outlet with a specially designed nozzle (VH or VHP) with changeable flow. The valves can be supplied with weld ends possibly with flanges having the faces according to the customers´ requests.
The valves are actuated with linear electric actuators. The connection is designed for both domestic and foreign actuators of the following producers: ZPA Pečky, Regada, AUMA, Schiebel and Foxboro.

The valves are designed for simultaneous pressure and temperature reduction of steam. They are especially designed for industrial applications such as low-pressure steam production in heating, steam circuit in power plants or technological processes. The max. permissible operating pressures correspond to EN 12 516-1.

Process media
The valves are designed to regulate the pressure and temperature of water vapour without mechanical impurities. The producer recommends to pipe a strainer into pipeline in front of the valve when impurities are present. Impurities can affect the quality and reliability of regulation and can cause a reduction of the valve service life.The application for other process media must be considered with respect to used material that is in contact with the process medium and therefore its usage should be consulted with the producer.

Catalogue sheets
02-01.1 Control valves and steam conditioning station 500 line GB, RUS