RV10x1 Control valves
DN 15 to 50, PN 16, Kvs 15 to 50 m3/hod

Control valves series RV 102 are two-way or three-way valves with internal threaded connection. Valve body is made of bronze.
Control valves series RV 103 are two-way or three-way valves with flanged connection. Valve body is made of grey cast iron.
Valves are optionally manufactured in the following executions:

  • three-way control valve
  • two-way, reverse, control valve
  • two-way angular control valve
Valves RV 102 and RV 103 are equipped with hand wheel or they are especially designed for actuators of the following producers: Siemens (Landis & Staefa), Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Belimo, Ekorex+ and ZPA Nová Paka.

Valves are designed for application in heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems for maximal temperature 150°C.

Process media
Valve series RV 102 and RV 103 are designed to regulate the flow and pressure of liquids, gases and vapours without abrasive particles e.g. water, low-pressure steam, (it applies to RV 102 only), air and other media compatible with material of the valve inner parts. Medium acidity and alkalinity should not exceed range of pH 4.5 to 9.5. To ensure reliable regulation, producer recommends to pipe a strainer in front of the valve into pipeline.

Catalogue sheets
01-02.1 LDM valves with electromechanic actuators GBRUS
01-03.1 LDM valves with Siemens actuators (Landis & Staefa) GB, RUS
01-05.1 LDM valves with Johnson Controls actuators GB
01-06.1 LDM valves with Honeywell actuators GB
01-07.1 LDM valves with Belimo actuators GB