RV1131 Two-way and Three-way control valves
DN 15 to 150, PN 6 and 16, Kvs 1,6 to 360 m3/h

Control valves RV 113 R are flanged, 2-way valves with pressure balanced plug and high tightness designed for regulation and closing of the medium flow. Its design enables the valve to be applicable at high differential pressures with low-linear-force actuators.
Control valves RV 113 M are flanged, 3-way valves with mixing or diverting function with high tightness in both ports designed for regulation. Owing to unique flow characteristic LDMspline®, optimized for regulation of thermodynamic processes, the valves are ideal for applications in heating and air-conditioning. Flow characteristics, Kvs values and leakage rates correspond to international standards.

The valves type RV 113 have connection to the following actuators: LDM, Siemens, Belimo and Ekorex.

Control valves RV 113 are designed for applications in heating and air-conditioning. with temperatures up to 150°C.

Process media
The valves RV 113 are suitable for media such as water, air and other media compatible with material of body and internal parts.
Sealing surfaces of trim are resistant to common dirt and impurities in medium. However, for abrasive impurities it is recommended to pipe a strainer before the valve to ensure reliable function.
The valve cannot work in cavitation conditions.

Catalogue sheets
01-02.7 Two-way and three-way control valves LDM RV 113 GB, RUS