RVBEE1 Control valves
Control valves with flow limitation
DN 15 to 50, PN 25, Kvs 0,16 to 40 m3/h
Valve series RV 122 BEE are control valves of a compact construction with pressure-balanced plug and externally threaded coupling. Moreover the valves are equipped with flow limitation feature. The valves´ execution enables their application with low-linear force actuators for high differential pressures. They excel with minimum dimensions and weight, quality control features and a high tightness in closed position. Thanks to an unique LDMspline® flow characteristic which has been optimized for thermodynamic processes control, the valves are ideal for applications in heating and air-conditioning. In regard of a sophisticated design of internal parts and long service life of the packing, the valves fulfill every demand for a long-time service without necessary maintanance. The valve is, owing to its compact execution, a basic element of a unit-type valve series BEE line.
Within the scope of delivery of the valves, we deliver connection couplings enabling the valve to be connected to pipeline either with threads, flanges or weld unions, providing so quick and trouble-free piping. The integrated feature of flow limitation is designed with an independent mechanism and with hand wheel.
Assembled with LDM actuators, the valves can be controlled with either 3-position or continuous signal.

Used materials for throttling trim which consists of plug made of high-quality stainless steel and soft sealing elements, ensure a hermetic tightness in both ports and enable the valves to be used not only in common warm-water and hot-water regulation circuits in heating but also in applications with special characteristic features of process medium such as in refrigerating industry and air-conditioning and also were it is necessary to have a flow limitation set precisely to a value required independently on Kvs value of the regulator.

Process media
The valve series RV 122 are suitable for applications where process medium is water or air. Further they can be used for refrigerating media and other non-aggressive liquids or gases with temperature ranging +2°C to +150°C. Sealing surfaces of control trim are resistant to common sludge or water impurities. Yet it is recommended to pipe a strainer in front of valve to ensure a reliable function and tightness in case there are abrasive particles present.

Catalogue sheets
01-02.5 Control valves, Control valves with flow limitation BEE line GBRUS