2x41 Control valves
DN 15 to 300, PN 16, 25 and 40, Kvs 1,6 to 1000 m3/h

Control valves RV 214 are three-way valves with mixing or flow-diverting function. In regard of a great variety of used actuators, the valves are suitable for regulation at low as well as high differential pressures in a diversity of operating conditions. Flow characteristics, Kvs values and leakage rates correspond to international standards.
Valves RV 2×4 are equipped with hand wheel or they are especially designed for actuators of the following producers: Ekorex+, ZPA Nová Paka, Johnson Controls, Schiebel, Auma, EMG – Drehmo, Rotork, Honeywell, Fisher – Rosemount, Foxboro, Regada, SPA Praha, ZPA Pečky.

These valves have a wide range of application in heating, ventilation, power generation and chemical processing industries. Valve body can be optionally made of spheroidal cast iron, cast steel and austenitic stainless steel according to operating conditions.

Process media
Valves series RV 2×4 are designed for regulation of flow and pressure of liquids, gases and vapours without abrasive particles e.g. water, steam, air and other media compatible with material of the valve inner parts. The usage of the valve made of spheroidal cast iron (RV214) for steam is limited by the following parametres. The steam must be superheated, its dryness at valve outlet x >= 0,98) and inlet pressure p1 <= 0,4 MPa when differential pressure is of above-critical value, and p2 <=1,6 MPa when differential pressure is of under-critical value. In case these two conditions are not kept, it is necessary to use the value made of cast steel (RV224). To ensure a reliable regulation, the producers recomends to pipe a strainer in front of the valve into pipiline or ensure in any other way that process medium does not contain abrasive particles or impurities.

Catalogue sheets

01-02.1 LDM valves with electromechanics actuators GB, RUS
01-05.1 LDM valves with Johnson Controls actuators GB
01-08.1 LDM valves with SPA Praha actuators GB
01-08.3 LDM valves with pneumatic actuators Foxboro GB