RV504 Control vaves
DN 25 to 150, PN 16 to 160, Kvs 1,6 to 250 m3/h

Control valves type RV504 are three-way valves with mixing or diverting function. Due to the pressure unbalanced execution, it is necessary to take into account a max. differential pressure for a given size. Flow characteristics, Kvs values and leakage rates correspond to international standards.
The valves can be delivered with flanges or weld ends having faces acc. to the customer´s requirements and demands. In case of a service or replacement of bottom seat of a valve with weld ends execution it is always necessary to cut out a valve from a pipeline and weld up back. The valves can be delivered with weld ends or flanges having faces acc. to the customer´s requirements and demands. The valves are actuated with linear actuators. The connection is designed for using both domestic and foreign actuators of the following producers: ZPA Pečky, Regada Prešov, Auma, Schiebel and Flowserve.

The sphere of application of these valves continues in the sphere of application for the valves series RV 210 to RV 235. They are especially designed for industry applications such as heating plants, power plants or regulation of technology processes. The max. permissible operating pressure values correspond to EN 12 516-1.

Process media
Valves serie RV504 are designed for regulation of flow and pressure of liquids, gases and vapours without abrasive particles e.g. water, steam, air and other media compatible with materials of a valve body and inner parts. To ensure a reliable regulation, the producers recomends to pipe a strainer in front of the valve into pipeline or ensure in any other way that process medium does not contain abrasive particles or impurities.

Catalogue sheets
02-01.1 Control valves and steam conditioning station 500 line GB, RUS