UV2x61 Shut-off valves with hand wheel
DN 15 to 400, PN 16, 25 and 40 Kvs 4,3 to 1600 m3/h
Bellows sealed shut-off valve series UV 2xx are hand-wheeled valves that excel with unique features suitable for a long-time no-maintanance service. Bellows sealing ensures a hermetic tightness to environment and in addition it is added with a safety packing made of graphite. The most advategous feature is low linear forces when opening or closing the valve which does not change during the life-time. Thanks to a yoke design, the valve can be easily insulated and its hand wheel can be operated even at high temperatures of process medium. The hand wheel is non-rising which enables the valves application in tight places. The visible indicator ensures an easy idetification of the valve position.
The valves UV 2xx Ex comply with requirements of II (1)2G IIB acc. to ČSN-EN 13 463-1.

The valves are especially designed for applications in warm-water and steam circuits in power plants, heating plants, heat exchange stations, heat transferring stations and common heating applications.

Process media
The valves UV 2xx are suitable for shutting off water, water vapour and other liquids and gases which are compatible with used materials of the valve body and internal materials.

Catalogue sheets
01-02.3 Shut-off valves LDM with hand wheel UV 226 и UV 236 GB, RUS