A101 Bellows sealed shut-off valves
DN 10, PN 40 to 200

The bellows sealed shut-off valves are produced and supplied accordin to internal instructions of LDM No. TP 422-23-01/83. The design of this series enables the process medium inlet flow both under and above the plug with full operating pressure. The valve can be actuated with either hand wheel or electric actuators MoA or Limitorq. Its design enables the valve´s application even in operation for throttling of the flow at differential pressure of 3 MPa and with flow direction under the plug.
The valves are fully seismic-resistant and they keep their operating capability with simultaneous effects of process medium, forces of seismic activity acc. to VTP-82.

The bellows sealed shut-off valves are designed for operation especially in power plants with reactors type VVER and RBMK. They serve as closing elements for water, steam and other both aggressive and non-aggressive gases and liquids.