UVx161 Shut-off valves with handwheel
DN 15 to 300, PN 16 and 25, Kvs 5,9 to 1460 m3/h

Shut-off valves UV 116, UV 216 are designed to close the medium flow. The valves excel with high tightness and its compact construction. The valves are equipped with back seat enabling the packing replacing during the valve operating with the valve fully open.

The valves are designed for heating and other industries especially in hot-water applications and UV 216 even in steam applications. The wide range of diameter nominal enable the valve to be used from the minimum flow rates (eg. sampling valves), to the highest flow rates in main pipes.

Process media
The valves are suitable for water, steam (UV 216 only), air and other neutral media compatible with material of the valve body and its inner parts.

Catalogue sheets

01-02.6 Shut-off valves LDM UV 116 and UV 216 GB, RUS