526 Shut-off valves
DN 10 to 65, PN 63 to 160, Kvs 1,53 to 29,4 m3/hod

Shut-off valves UV 526 are single-seated globe valves designed for shutting off flow of a media. The valves could be optionally equipped with shaped plug for rough control in case of demand.
The valve seat surface is made with hard metal overlay due to increased service life. The conical shape of the seat in combination with the spherical shape of the plug ensures a high tightness of the closure. The valves UV526 are designed to be actuated with hand wheel or with multi-turn electric actuators and they are available with welded or flanged connection with a sealing surface based on a customer demand.

The valves are especially designed for applications in power generation and chemical processing industries.

Process media
The valves UV 526 are suitable for shutting off water, water vapour and other liquids and gases which are compatible with used materials of the valve body and internal materials.

Catalogue sheets
02-08.2 Shut-off valves UV 526 GB