ZV Check valves
DN 15 to 300, PN 16 and 25, Kvs 5,9 to 1460 m3/h
Check valves ZV x16 are self-acting shut-off valves for application at long-lasting and maintenance-free operation. Valves meet the ČSN EN 12334 (03/2002).
Valves in execution ZV x16 P are closed by back pressure with spring with weight of plug assistance, Opening overpressure is 0,05 – 0,1 bar.
Valves in execution ZV x16 T are closed by back pressure only with weight of plug assistance.

The valve is designed for application as self-acting reverse shut-off valve. In the valve is not warranted 100% of tightness in closed position, therefore in the case of higher tightness request is necessary to install into pipeline the shut off valve. The valves are especially designed for applications in hot-water and steam circuits in power plants, heating plants, heat exchange stations, heat transferring stations and common heating applications.

Process media
The valves ZV x16 are suitable to use for water, steam and other liquids and gases which are compatible with used material of the valve body and inner parts.

Catalogue sheets
01-09.8 heck valves ZV 116 a ZV 216 LDM LDM GB, RUS